USA Lot Spigen Essential Power Bank

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Surprisingly Compact

The Spigen Essential F720S power bank is slim enough to be considered pockets size – as long as they’re deep enough.  The matte black plastic housing has rounded sides, making it comfortable to hold and carry around. There are five small battery indicator lights on the front, a button on the side to check the remaining power level, and all the ports are found at the top. There’s a micro USB input, a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port and an intelligent port that goes up to 2.4A. The QC3.0 port can be safely used to charge any device whether it’s got Quick Charge technology or not, it’s also backwards compatible with QC2.0 devices. It weighs a total of 357g (12.6oz) which is about as light as you’ll get for a power bank with over 20000mAh of capacity. It’s also surprisingly compact measuring 168x63x22mm (6.5×2.5×0.9 Inches).  I own a ridiculous amount of high capacity power banks and this one is the smallest of them all. I’m actually preparing for a trip away and I’m taking three high capacity power banks along with me. It sounds excessive, but with two young boys each with tablet and phones, a single power bank is not going to be enough. I’m recharging them as I write this review, take a look for yourself, the size difference is significant.

Pass-Through charging

Despite the very reasonable price tag, the Spigen Essential power bank supports pass-through charging. This is something that’s typically found on more expensive portable chargers like the Zendure A8. This means you can safely connect devices to the power bank as it’s recharging. This can be a really useful feature especially if you don’t have a charging station with multiple outputs.

Built-in Safety

The Spigen F720S power back is designed to protect itself from overcharging as well as your connected devices. It features short circuit protection and will automatically shut down if there is an overload or an overheating problem.


With its intelligent power technology, the Spigen Essential power bank is compatible with just about all portable devices that require 2.4A or less. These include popular phones
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